Sarah and Chris’s Wedding

Wow, where do I even begin?

When we met Elyse Bolton over the phone we knew immediately how great she was going to be as the chef for our wedding just by how enthusiastic she was for our special event and from all the endless options she provided us!

Elyse went above and beyond and put us at ease the moment we called her all the way from Chicago, IL as we were planning our intimate wedding event to be held all the way out in Sonoma, CA. She pretty much told us that she could make anything we wanted for our 20 guest wedding!

What was so amazing about this all is that she would tell us all about the options from passed hors d’oeuvres to spreads for cocktail hour, all the way through first course options of salad, to second course options of pasta, to third course of the main meal with sides and last but not least the final course of not 1 desserts but 3 beautiful sample plates per person for dessert!

We could tell that this is her passion and boy is she phenomenal at what she does! Throughout the planning of selecting the meal she would provide sample menus and she was extremely flexible in changing options around and even suggested options of what would go best together. Elyse was also extremely mindful of our budget and helped us choose options that were in our range. When we met Elyse in person in Sonoma for the first time, we hugged because she’s the type of person you immediately feel comfortable around and want to hug!

When the day of the wedding arrived, Elyse and her gracious staff arrived and prepared gourmet sandwiches for everyone during the day at the property where the wedding was taking place. Everyone was raving over the sandwiches and the day had just begun, we hadn?t even walked down the aisle yet! We went off to get married and after a few private wine tastings in wine country our group was ready to eat by the time we arrived back at the property! Elyse and her team had lit all the candles on the table and to our surprise, they had made beautiful custom menus for the table for each guest so everyone knew what they were being served! Passed appetizers were to die for and everyone was moaning with how delicious they were!!

Just when we thought we had died and gone to heaven, it was time to eat dinner. Every plate of food that was served was placed perfectly and all of our guests feasted. Then it was time for dessert and all you have to do is look at the photos on her website from the night of the wedding!! AMAZING!

Thank you Elyse and your fabulous staff for making our wedding the best and making it a dream. We knew it would be outstanding but I can?t even find the words to describe how truly phenomenal it was for us. We are already thinking about coming back out to Sonoma, CA for our anniversary and perhaps we can do it all over again!

All the best,

Sarah and Chris Simon